Unix and Linux Services

Since the day we began operations over a decade ago, we have supported Unix operating systems from the SCO as well as of Unix variants like AIX and Solaris. Initially there was SCO Xenix, then SCO Unix, then Open Server, and SCO Unixware. Linux is the most recent addition.

We install and support SCO products on single and multiple-processor computers. Our experience includes the use of serial boards, teminal servers, RAID controllers, etc.

We connect Unix and Linux systems via TCP/IP, Facetwin and other products. We highly recommend Facetwin which allows a Unix system to function as a network server, yet look just like another computer on a Microsoft network. The sharing of files, printers, and even modems is possible, and best of all it is easy.

Linux offers some highly attractive possibilities for the small to medium size business. There is software available that will do just about anything you require. This software typically costs a good deal less than similar software in the Windows environment.

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