Personal Computers

In just over two decades, a device which started as an item for hobbyists is now found in most of our offices and homes. Personal computers are everywhere. Operating systems such as Windows, Unix, Linux, etc. have become far more reliable, but they are not 100% just yet. Add to that the fact that there are over 1000 varieties of basic personal computers, and each of those may be outfitted with different peripherals. To that mix you can add tens of thousands of pieces of software that PC users can run in any combination. Sometimes pieces of hardware or software just do not get along. When that happens, you have a problem. We can assist in diagnosing and fixing such problems.

We can setup and configure basic systems, configure local and wide area networks networks, upgrade memory, video, disk drives and other components, troubleshoot problem software, correct situations where there may be system instability (crashes). We can provide recommendations for hardware and/or software.

Our smallest customer has 1 PC in a home office. Our largest client has multiple servers in 4 locations with roughly one hundred desktop computers. In addition, we have engaged in consulting projects for organizations with multiple hundreds of desktop computers.

The PC is a productivity tool. We can assist you in maintaining that tool, and your productivity in top working order.

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