Consulting Services

Consulting services are available in a number of areas. These include database and application design, local and wide area network design and performance analysis, and telecommunications. We work heavily with school building, renovation and technology projects.

Over the years, we have worked on a number of projects. In order to give you an idea of our capabilities, here are some examples.

1. A local company had a project which involved putting up a database. This project was to have been fourteen months in length. Four months prior to what should have the completion date, the project was not yet started. We recommended that the client obtain a fourth generation language in order to facilitate the project. We then worked with the client's staff to design and load all tables in the database. The net result was that our client was able to produce the first reports on the system only two days behind schedule. If our client had not been able to get these results, they stood to lose a 1.5 million dollar contract.

2. Partnering with a local Telecommunications Consultant, we performed an assessment of the local and wide area networks for a large utility.

3. We have done several variations on a scheme whereby we capture and reformat computer output on the fly. This is highly useful in situations where some computer data must be passed on to another computer.

4. Again partnering with the Telecommunications Consultant, we have worked with both architects and end users in the design and implementation of new buildings and renovations. Some of these projects have included libraries in four states, a hospital, and schools.

5. In the latter half of 1987, members of various local TV stations and newspapers got together to discuss the idea of pooling their resources for the tallying of election data (counting votes). The notion was intriguing, since it would save them some money. The one condition was that if a system was developed, it would have to be much faster than any system previously used. In February of 1988, we not only met those expectations, we greatly exceeded them with a newly developed system which we named ELVIS (ELectronic Voting Information System). We have supplied hardware and have been involved with every major election since that time.

6. 1999 saw, as one might expect, a wide range of Y2K assessments and remediation projects.

In terms of software, we have worked with the following: Cobol, Basic, RPG, Fortran, C, and Focus (PC and VAX versions).


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